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The Last Goodbye to Mama

The Last Goodbye to Mama English Subtitles is a Chinese Family, life tv serial released on iQiyi.

This drama series was based on a novel named “99 Things With My Mom” by the author Bu Liang Sheng.

In the late 1980s, Ding Bi Yun (Dong Jie) is a single mother struggling against poverty and trying to raise her infant son in a small town in China’s Jiangsu Province. Life is a constant struggle as she tries to make ends meet financially and attempts to keep her son on the straight and narrow path with his school and emotional growth. She falls for a man, but is then dismayed when he must travel abroad, leaving both her and her son alone. She battles on and eventually her son, Ding Xiao Jun (Yin Fang), wins admission to a big-city university.

Ding Xiao Jun enters society full of passion and hope but is scammed and left to wander Japan as a bum for months. Beginning to understand all the hardships his mother went through for him, Xiao-Jun manages to make a long-distance call to her in order to return home.

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